Chris was born in New Brunswick in 1974 into a military family. He spent most of his younger years on various military bases across the country until he eventually settled in the Edmonton area.

He spent 14 years working as a Primary Care Paramedic in various capacities all over the province. Those capacities included Industrial Ambulance in remote Alberta locations, Ground Ambulance in places such as Cold Lake, Grande Prairie and Barrhead as well as a fixed wing Air Ambulance Flight Emergency Medical Technician based out of Peace River.

Chris is also a former 13 year Faculty member at the Canadian College of Emergency Medical Services in Edmonton.

He is a former business owner of his own Industrial Ambulance and Safety Training company and has spent many years in supervisor and managerial roles in the EMS sector.

He is currently a self employed Security Installation Contractor with various contracts across the province.

Chris became interested in politics in 2015 when he realized that the only way to truly make a change, was to get personally involved.