A change is needed. We can sit and complain to our friends and family. We can sit behind a keyboard and complain on social media but the only way to truly affect change is to jump in with both feet and physically do something about it.

In my opinion, our political landscape is in shambles and has been for at least the last 15 years. Career politicians and “yes men” consistently doing what seems to be best for them and the party instead of whats best for the residents of Alberta.

I am running with the Alberta Advantage Party because they are easily the truest form of grassroots that Alberta has to offer. From integrity through recall, citizen sponsored referendums and decisions truly made from the ground up. A party that truly gives us the opportunity to represent our constituents.

From our Constitution

“Free votes in the legislature”

“We believe that elected representatives are to serve honestly, ethically and with concern for all; that their duty to their electors supersedes their obligations to any political party; and that government must be open and accountable to the people.”

You see, we don’t answer to our party. We don’t answer to our party leader. We answer to you, our constituents.

Chris Glassford